Friday, March 21, 2008

Why do I care?

I HAD BEEN toying with this idea for quite a few months. But as happens with everything else in today’s apparently busy life, the thought of doing something that is not a crying need, is pushed inside a bag full of procrastinations. This idea was no exception. But a recent, apparently simple, event changed it all and elevated starting this blog to a must-do-it-now level.
Before you start wondering about the event, here’s the background – I was applying for a life insurance policy. Instead of the usual endowment and/or money back policies that I have opted for previously, this time I went for a risk-only policy. Within a day of my filling up the forms, my insurance advisor called me to inform that I needed to go in for a medical check before the company insured my life. ‘Why?’ I immediately asked the advisor, backed with the pride of not suffering from any major ailment in the last decade. “I am sure there’s nothing wrong with your health, but since you are above 35, we need to do this mandatory health check,” came the instant reply from my insurance advisor.
Suddenly the security cover that young age offered me seemed so far away. Within a minute, the pride of being healthy and fighting fit vanished. And in no time I was made to realize that I was a risk to insure and the insurance company needed to validate my health before proceeding any further. Like it or not, I had gone into the age bracket of 30-45, when the mind is still young, but the health is not. And I needed to be conscious about this fact and ensure that I stopped doing a lot of things (eating everything, doing late nights at work regularly, jump in joy whenever I feel like et al) that I used to do earlier.
Once the realization set in, I wanted to know what I should do and not do to stay healthy. That is when confusion ruled supreme. There was no single and accurate source of information. If one website or journal said drinking water is good for health, the second said anything more than two litres of water is dangerous. If one diet suggested green tea, the other was biased in favour of black tea. So what do I do? Whom do I follow? How do I know whether a piece of information is authentic or not?
That is when I rejuvenated the old idea of having a blog for all of us in this apparently healthy, but actually dangerous age bracket of 30 to 40. Since I have become conscious of my health and will be searching for pointers to maintain a good health, why not share it with others? In the process, I may get to know more about how to stay healthy and exchange thoughts with my peers as well!
So here you are – reading this blog – I CARE FOR MYSELF. I will try and cull out relevant information from various sources, have some opinions posted, and also share my thoughts on what is right and what is wrong (of course based on inputs from recognized, peer-reviewed journals). So happy reading folks! And please share your thoughts and comments. Will respond to them as soon as possible.

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